Sabtu, 11 Julai 2009

"Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian"

IZINKAN aku sesekali cakap omputeh, janganlah ketawa hahahaha Ingat! SPM aku B.I aku lulus tau sampai Cikgu Syith terkejut beruk...hahahahaha
Children of the age it is not already know this maxim. They want to change this text to the "Fun first, more fun and more"

Went to school with a car. Been running a bit, certainly do not want. Many school students have a low handphone or device. They did not starve because there is no money.Masa back to the pocket as well. If we pick it up too late, surely we will see the face of those who are not happy with us. Do they ever feel lucky? Do they ever feel scared because the teacher has not been paying yuran like we were? Everything is provided.

Previously we only have a short and pensel a eraser.They now buy a box pensel, and collection extinguisher! I always say to my children. "Now my father can provide all this, the father does not want you will not able to buy all this for your children. My father did not want it later you can not bring the children you once 'makan angin". Father did not want it later you can not afford to buy a house , merempat and ask for alms. You have to be more powerful than his father! "

Finally, the most important, father now teaches you about Islam. Father hope your children know about Islam like you know Islam now.

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